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Garden City, Kansas

The only Fred Harvey card I know about for Garden City is of the United States Sugar and Land Company's sugar beet factory which opened in 1906 and closed in 1955.  The factory cost $1 million to build and was designed to process 600 tons of beets daily.  One month after opening it set a record by processing 800 tons of beets into 2,608 sacks of sugar in a 24-hour period.  It was the largest sugar beet processing plant in the world.  US Sugar & Land owned thousands of acres of land, its own railroad, and its own power plant. In 1913 the company re-organized under the name The Garden City Sugar and Land Company.   The six story factory building was torn down in 1967, but the power plant remains as part of Wheatland Electric.

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"Garden City is a place with an attitude." Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Summer 1998.